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10’X20’ Instance EZ POP UP Wedding Party Tent Folding Gazebo


I have used this tent three times. Twice in the backyard on a calm sunny day, once at a BBQ contest on pavement on a not-so-calm day.

There were many tents setup at the BBQ contest and as the wind picked up (15-20 mph) I saw a few others destroyed. I suddenly remembered the two-star reviews I had read complaining about poor performance in windy conditions. I made sure I had all six legs anchored to the pavement with garbage bags full of sand. This tent survived with no damage. I was impressed.

What I really like about this tent is all the support structure in the center is up higher than the perimeter structure. I'm a tall guy and have to duck to get under the tent. Once I'm under there I can stand normally and move about without any head knockers. Some other tents have horizontal support bars that cris-cross beneath the tent. This one does not.

Side note: I have since learned the best way to anchor the tent in high winds is with 5 gallon buckets filled with water. Put one at each corner and tie the bucket handle to the tent corner with a come-along strap.
Date Added: 09/20/2015 by peter S.