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10'x30' Party Wedding Outdoor Patio Tent Canopy Heavy duty

Ordered a tent to safeguard our event from any downpours. Not only was the 10x20 tent a lifesaver, it was the perfect venue. Our guests enjoyed the space it created and with the walls we were able to take them down as soon as the rain subsided. Customer service was helpful with questions we had; quick in responding and very efficient in sending the tent to us in such short notice. Will definitely be returning for a bigger tent for my next event....

Bird Parrot Cage Chinchilla Cockatiel Conure Large W/Stand Door

James S.
It is amazing cage for canaries and other small birds. It's so easy to assemble I did it myself for less than 30 minutes. for $89 plus $20 shipping you are not going to find it anywhere else. I just ordered another one. ...

Wedding Tent 10'x30' Canopy Party Outdoor Gazebo 4 side walls

Brenda A.
I was very happy with the tent. The weather was great for it. I even left it up for 3 days after the party and it was fine. We even had 2 days of rain and it held up just fine. The little adjustments you have to do to get the tent to fit was the poles were very easy. You just bring the poles in a little. And when it rains you just unstrap the velcro so the water doesn't sit on top of the tent. That way the rain just drips off the tent. I really have no complaints about it. The only reason why I did 4 stars was because the poles are a little weak but still held up so all in all I am very pleased with the canopy! I will definitely buy another one once I need a replacement. I honestly think the ones that had issues with the canopy maybe didn't know how to work with it. If you know how to put stuff together and know how to make adjustments you'll be just fine. I really want to show pictures does anyone know how I can upload it?...

10'x30' Party Wedding Outdoor Patio Tent Canopy Heavy duty

Jenny W.
I am very pleased with this party tent. It is well-designed and parts mate with enough friction to stabilize the assembly process: assembly instructions are clear and well thought out, though I, like other reviewers, chose to use duct tape to reinforce metal-to-metal joints. I was able to erect the tent by myself: I think it took about 40 minutes to erect the frame, 25 minutes to spread and attach the canopy, another 10 minutes to raise the canopy to full height and perhaps 10 minutes to tie down to four stakes on the windward side.

The canopy provided breezy shade for my guests. I did not have occasion to use the side or end panels.

Disassembly was also easy. My son helped me remove the canopy while the structure was at full height - his help was also needed to fold and pack the canopy. Because the canopy is a tight fit to the frame, once a single corner is released, the removal is a snap. Most of the disassembly time was spent in removal of the duct tape I used to reinforce metal-to-metal joints.

The entire product is light weight, but not flimsy. However, it is not designed to survive heavy wind load, so I recommend that, at very least, the canopy be removed in short order following the end of your party. Also, the frame has enough cross-section to be destroyed in very heavy winds, even if the canopy has been removed....

10'x30' Party Wedding Outdoor Patio Tent Canopy Heavy duty

Jason U.
t rained and the tent collapsed the bars are made of nothing they bent so easy. It went down the day before the wedding and we had to replace bars to make it work. It's not worth me to ever suggest to anyone else to order one....

10'x30' Party Wedding Outdoor Patio Tent Canopy Heavy duty

Amy B.
After reading the reviews I was afraid to purchase the tent but because I was pressed for time I went ahead and purchased it. Needless to saw this tent was amazing held up very well....we received so many compliments ....it took my husband about 30 minutes to put it up by himself....very easy...
do recommend using white duck tape on joints for added support.....great buy for the money we paid...